Thursday, April 18, 2013

Current Love

When spring/summer lookbooks start coming out I'm reminded why I live in flowy maxi dresses and skirts all through spring and summer! Free people is totally inspiring me right now...I just want it all! Not to mention they have an awesome new part of their website called "FP Me" where you basically create your own style profile and interact with others.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Well hello everyone! Seeing as how I am posting this on 4-14, I have officially been Mrs. French for a few days now and I couldn't be happier :) We don't get our wedding photos back from the photographer until a week or so from now, so until then I will just be posting random bits and pieces!





Katie (Maid of Honor), Michelle, Me, & Amanda
All the girls!

Me & my sissy :)


My daddy walking me down the aisle!

My brother and I before the reception
Cake cutting

Jason (Best Man) toasting us

Our first dance

Father daughter dance
Dancing with our besties during the dollar dance!

So there you have it! A glimpse at our wedding day. I'll be posting more pics over the next couple weeks!

Pre Wedding

This has been the 3rd year in a row that Jordan and I went to this and it just keeps getting better and better! We all had such an amazing time!

We played some silly games, ate some yummy food, and just had a good time hanging out!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

March in a nutshell

So a couple exciting things happened in March....and if you keep reading, I'll tell you all about them!

On the 26th of March I turned 22! I didn't do anything too crazy..just hung out with my family all day and then watched the newest Silent Hill with Jordan afterwards. It was a nice, relaxing day.

  1.) So on March 11th, (exactly 1 month before the wedding). I got to hang out with my best best best friend, Amanda! We spent a short evening together but just those few hours made it seem like it hadn't been a year since we last saw each other.

2.) Whaddya know, I finally got my engagement ring! A month before the wedding isn't the most traditional time, but hey, we have your initial knuckle tattoos and if that doesn't say "forever" then I don't know what does!

3.) My poor baby Orion got so sick! He had a long weekend that consisted of tummy troubles, a visit to the emergency vet, anesthesia, and x rays. A few hundred dollars and lots of love later, he's completely recovered and it's like nothing was ever wrong!

4.) Say hello to my almost official niece, Lelia! Is she not the prettiest little girl you've ever laid eyes upon? My 'almost' sister in law came into town towards the end of March and I've been having a blast with them! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Instagram Catch up!

The Pictures on below are from this past week for the most part-

All of these pictures below are from late January up until just recently!


Welp, another month has gone by without me hardly updating! Sometimes I just lose my inspiration keep up with this blog because I have my tumblr, facebook, and instagram too so I feel like people already see what I have to talk about. Anyways, I did a lot of wedding planning during January. We secured our venue, our catering, I bought my wedding dress, and found my bridesmaid dresses! So when I'm not working, I 'm thinking wedding planning, when I'm not wedding planning, I'm probably trying to nap! Haha

Finding my dress was a one shop stop. I went to David's Bridal and I wanted to find THE dress there. I didn't want to run all over town and make appointments at different stores, it's such a hassle. I think the 3rd dress I tried on was the one I chose. Very easy breezy because I knew exactly what I wanted. Now of course I'm not going to post pictures of my dress, but here are some pictures from that day! I had my best friend, Lauren, my cousin, Michelle, my sister (and MOH), Katie, my mom, and Lavena (my almost mother in law), all come with me to help me make my decision!