Friday, December 14, 2012

When you look at these photos don't you just feel like you're transported to some alternate whimsical magic faery world? Just imagine, sitting in the dewy forest at dusk watching the sky fade from a baby pink to a pale lavender as the shadows grow darker and darker and one by one little glowing lights start to dance among the trees.

My week in Instagram Photos

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas

                                Bet you can't guess which stocking's mine and which is Jordan's...

Family Portraits

This past November I did my first set of family portraits! I think they turned out beautiful if I do say so myself. I was really happy with the result. 

Disclaimer: All photographs belong to me and the families I photographed, please do not use them for any personal use whatsoever!

Giving Thanks

Had a busy Thanksgiving this year, but that's what happens when all your family lives in town (which hey, I can't complain, not everyone is so lucky!). Went to my Mimi's first (my dad's mom), then to my Grandma's (mom's mom), then to Jordan's parent's house! 
All these photos were taken at my Grandma's.
Top left, my Grandma & I
Top right, Aunt Barbara, me, my sister, Katie, Aunt Mary, and my cousin Michelle in the tree lol
Bottom left, Jordan and I :P
Bottom center, Michelle & Grandma
Bottom right, Michelle & Katie being goofy

October Highlights

I'm so far behind it's unreal! But let me try to gather myself here by going over my favorite stuff from October.
What sticks out in my brain the most (for obvious reasons) is the Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson concert Jordan and I went to on October 30th in Houston! It was a dream come true to put it lightly. I'm such a fangirl, I'll be the first to admit it.
Manson played first. His set consisted of confetti, fog, extravagant costumes, glitter, lights, and impressive props, and the usual Marilyn Manson-esque stage presence. He didn't interact with the audience as much as Zombie did, but when he did it was some sort of a brief, slurred, vulgar, comment with Manson charm
on top.

Zombie's set consisted of fire. Lots of fire. There were wonderful stage lights and throughout the whole show clips from classic horror movies, some of his own movies, and, to put it simply, boobs. Oh, and oversized monster things dancing around on stage. I personally think Zombie had more energy throughout his set, not to mention he talked with the audience more. He was constantly head banging and running from one end of the stage to another. I'm 21 and kind of in shape and I don't think I could have kept up with the energy he had!
All in all I definitely got my money's worth out of it. I had such a great time. Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie are both sort of "legends" in my eyes and it was on my bucket list to see them. Next up I'm aiming for Slipknot :)

Also the week before Halloween Brittney threw a Halloween party! Everyone had a good time!

(I was little Red Riding Hood)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have officially failed miserably at updating and being active on here! Tonight marks the start of reviving this blog!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Going (& staying) Red

**keep in mind I am no cosmetologist! I know box dye damages your hair!**

I'm just going to go through the steps I've gone through to get my hair (and to keep it) red!
I have never bleached or pre-lightened my hair before putting red on it!

In order to get my hair a true base red, I start out by dying it with 2 boxes (long hair) of Loreal Feria in the color Ruby Rush. You can find it basically anywhere that sells box color, I got mine at Wal Greens.

 I LOVE this stuff. There are some nasty reviews out there but bottom line is, no matter what dye you use, RED FADES FAST. When you go red, in order to keep it the shade of red you want it, it takes work.

I started out with a medium golden, reddish brown. Put this dye on it and came out with a true, deep red that I was very happy with.

In order to keep my hair redder longer, I don't wash it everyday! I really only wash my hair every 3 days. And you just have to know that if you're going to wash it every single day, it might not even be worth the money to try and keep it vibrant.
Along with every wash you are going to be washing color out.

So with that said, 3 days after I first dyed it, I planned on putting a semi-permanent concentrated dye on it (like Manic Panic,  shown on right) before I showered.
Sally's was all out of the 3 shades I usually pick from, which are Pillarbox Red, Rock n' Roll Red (my favorite), and Vampire Red.

Since I had no options from Manic Panic, I went with the Beyond The Zone Color Jamz in the color  Crimson Storm (shown left, which is also about $3 cheaper, so hey, why not.)

Don't forget to get gloves, PUT VASELINE or coco butter or whatever is available around your hairline and ears, & cover as much wall and counter space as possible. Red gets messy and it's not fun to clean.

Basically, I would have rather had the Manic Panic. The Beyond the Zone bled A LOT. It even rubbed off on some my clothes and around my neck the next couple days. The color was a little more magenta than I wanted. I was aiming for a true bright red. 3 days later when I washed my hair again it took the edge off a bit and I like what I'm left with.

To slow down the fading, I recommend investing in the shade of Manic Panic, Beyond the Zone, or any other semi permanent dye you use, and mixing it with your conditioner at about a 1:4 ratio. This helps deposit at least a little  bit of color back into your hair while conditioning.

You also have the option to invest in a color protecting shampoo and conditioner. I've personally used Riveting Reds shampoo & conditioner by Quantum, purchased at Sally's. It did make somewhat of a difference keeping my red not as dull as it would have been without it. I just went through it really fast since I have long hair. There's also a shampoo & conditioner by John Frieda called Radiant Red that has some really good reviews!

I think from now on I'll be sticking with Manic Panic (sidenote: even though the Beyond the Zone Color Jamz in Crimson storm IS nice & vibrant) and refreshing my color every couple weeks. Invest in heat protecting spray! Using flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, anything heated, will make your color fade faster that normal. When my roots start to show I cover them with the Ruby Rush box color.

From freshly dyed to fading away, here's a little example of the reds that have come and gone!

Hope this helps someone out there!

My week in instagram photos 9/9-9/15

Oops I'm doing this a bit late! Highlights from this week were me dying my hair red again! From July 2011- March 2012 I had red hair & from March- early September it was brown and I just couldn't take it anymore. I was itching to do something with my hair and I always got so many compliments when I had red hair and I just loved it so despite all the upkeep that comes along with it, I went back.

Friday, September 14, 2012

My week in Instagram Photos 9/2-9/8

This past week's hightlights were seeing The Possession & going to Torchy's with my mom & sister, putting up my Halloween decorations in my apartment, and having my mom, brother, & sister over to eat & watch Grave Encounters.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Current Love: Thirty Four Disciples

"Thirty Four Disciples take high octane gothic glamour and draw their collection of once feminine dresses to the dark side. With their good girl gone bad aesthetic, Thirty Four Disciples slash maxi dresses to the thigh, add playful cut-outs to lace mini dresses and shred and stud denim shorts; while slick leather look leggings and cropped bra tops add a toughened edge."

Feminine dresses to the dark side? Sounds like my cup of tea :) Here are my favorites:

Not to mention Amanda Hendrick looks amazing, as usual

This line ranges from $47-$95, unfortunately not exactly my price range. I'll be keeping my eyes open for inexpensive look alikes though!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My week in Instagram Photos 8/26-9/1

The highlights of this week for me were purchasing my Twins of Evil tour (Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson) tickets, & making my first of many trips to the Halloween store!

Marilyn Manson- This is the New Shit

Rob Zombie: Feel So Numb

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Current Love: Purple Hair

I feel like through the spring and beginning of the summer we saw a lot of pastel pony hair(as I like to call it).
Then there was the dip dyed "mermaid" hair (pinks, blues, purples, or all!)
Now I keep seeing these deep shades of purple and I'm so in love with it! I like how you can incorporate black and have it fade into the deep purple (like in the top right picture.)
I also love the deep purple fading into the lilac for an ombre look and vice versa.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Out for the Night

On Saturday night, Lauren, Cherrelle, Fallon, and I went out for some drinks and dancing!
Just for fun I am posting outfit sets of what we all wore that night to showcase all of our different styles

My look for the night

Lauren's Look

Fallon's Look